About Kris Fuller

Kris is an author of an Amazon #1 52 Week Journal, an author with Waldorf Publishing, a self-published author with lulu.com, and blogger. She loves writing and poetry is one her favourite things. 

She is the CEO of Your Life Sparkles and Co-Creative Chair of the Best Ever You Network. She is an inspirational speaker and has a wonderfully positive energy. 

Kris has taught and consulted in public education in England, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. As an Executive Consultant for businesses in Western Canada, Kris excelled at problem solving in the areas of team, sales and marketing.  Her business coaching focuses on small business launches including websites and social media platforms plans.  

Kris is a graduate of the University of Alberta (Bachelor of Education), University of Sedona (Bachelor of Metaphysics) and certification from the Palouse Center for Mindfulness. She also holds a Performance diploma from Red Deer College and Gifted Mind Series from Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

Kris has been a guest speaker on multiple pod-casts and radio shows as well as host for 'Ladies Day: Focus on You' events. Kris Fuller Inspirational Speaker 

Kris has the ability to weave together humour, authentic experiences, strength and love even in difficult times. Follow her blog as Cancer Wife Ninja here.